Who We Are

West Fargo Events is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides community events to enhance the public
experience in the city of West Fargo. We provide social setting opportunities through a
variety of community events including bike safety rodeos, concerts, movie nights, and family fun nights.
This is all provided through our partnerships with great people and organizations who share the vision of
offering unique community events and opportunities to gather for the people of West Fargo.

Our Board of Directors

Mark Simmons

City Commissioner

Eddie Sheeley

Member At-Large​

Jim Jonas​

School Board Member

Dan Schaeffer

Vice President
School Board Member

Jon Hanson

Member At-Large

Jake Lauritsen

Park Board Member

Todd Berning

Member At-Large

Bernie Dardis

Mayor​/City Commissioner

Ryan Gellner

Park Board Member

For Inquiries

Mike Amundson

Executive Director


Britta Timm

Marketing and Events Manager


Joe Amundson

Operations Manager


Alexis Meyer

Events Coordinator


Evan Foster

Assistant Operations Manager


Triten Teske

Logistics Coordinator